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Donor Spotlights

Randy Boyd

Boyd Center Named for Haslam Alumnus

After a generous financial gift from Knoxville entrepreneur Randy Boyd this spring, the Center for Business and Economic Research bears a new name – the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research.

President and CEO of Knoxville-based Radio Systems, Boyd attended the Haslam College of Business from 1975-1979. “Some of my favorite courses were in economics,” Boyd recalls. “I had the great Tony Spiva as one of my professors.”

In 2013, Governor Bill Haslam appointed Boyd as a special advisor on higher education. In that role, he reconnected with his alma mater. “We were constantly citing work by CBER on higher education policy,” says Boyd. “Most importantly, their work on the Drive to ’55 helped us forecast not only the types of degrees we would need but the specific careers, as well as the oversupply and undersupply of degrees between now and 2055, which was immensely useful.”

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Join the Journey

Alumni and friends give for a variety of reasons to a variety programs at the Haslam College of Business. The undercurrent of them all, however, is UT’s drive to become a Top 25 public research university.

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Pat & Paul Green

A Family Affair: Pat and Paul Green

Paul and Pat Green came to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 1977 from Bristol, Tennessee, to pursue their college degrees together. “We were dating at the time,” says Paul. “Pat majored in industrial engineering, where she was one of only two or three female students in the program.” Paul chose to study finance at the Haslam College of Business, while also taking on a full-time job as student manager at the Presidential Cafeteria on campus.

Paul learned a great deal about communication, time management and leadership from his role at the cafeteria. “It was a fantastic job,” he says. “I managed about 400 student workers, and it taught me to schedule my day so I could fit in my coursework.”

Meanwhile, he enjoyed getting to know his classmates and faculty in business. “At first, UT’s campus felt so big and crazy to me,” he says. “It was nice to find such a tight-knit atmosphere in the business school.”

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Ernie & Bonne Cadotte

Beautifying Rocky Top: Ernie and Bonnie Cadotte

An avid soccer player, biker, swimmer and gardener, Ernie Cadotte spends much of his free time enjoying the great outdoors of Tennessee. His wife, Bonnie, shares his passion for nature, especially the mountains.

The Cadottes came to Knoxville in the 1970s when Ernie joined the faculty at the Haslam College of Business. Today, Ernie studies learning processes, assessment, entrepreneurial decision-making and customer satisfaction as the college’s John W. Fisher Professor of Innovative Learning.

Ernie and Bonnie raised their three children, Joseph, Kate and John, in East Tennessee. “We came here from the Detroit area,” says Bonnie. “Knoxville is smaller, slower-paced and has been a great place to raise a family.”

Soon, though, the outdoor-inclined Cadottes noticed the lack of natural beauty on the Knoxville campus. “It’s a wonderful educational institution, but there was a lot of cement,” says Ernie. “The campuses I’d been on previously all had beautiful landscapes, open spaces, and wooded areas.”

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