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Paul Davidson

Holly Chair of Excellence in Political Economy, Emeritus
Listed in Who's Who In America

Contact Information:

Paul Davidson
Editor, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
Bernard Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis
21 Stratford Drive E, Unit D
Boynton Beach, Florida 33436
Phone: 561-676-1633

Research and Administrative Work

Dr. Davidson is the Editor of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics and member of the Editorial Board of Ekonomia. He is the author, co-author, or editor of 22 books.� He is the author of over 210 articles. His research interests include: International monetary payments and global employment policies; monetary theory, income distribution, energy economics, demand and supply for outdoor recreation, Post Keynesian economics. Dr Davidson is listed in Who's Who In Economics, Who's Who In The East, Who's Who In The South and Southwest, American Economists of The Late Twentieth Century, Dictionary of International Biography, Men of Achievement, and Contemporary Authors.

Selected Publications

POST KEYNESIAN THEORY AND POLICY [Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2015]

"Full Employment, Open Economy  Macroeconomics, and Keynes'  General Theory: Does the Swan Diagram Suffice?" published by the Institute For New Economic Thinking , Working Paper Series No. 35, November 2015.

"A Rejoinder to O'Donnell's Critique of the Ergodic/Nonergodic Explanation of Keynes's Concept of Uncertainty", Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, vol.38, no.1.

"What was the primary factor encouraging mainstream economists to marginalize Post Keynesian theory" published in the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Spring 2015 issue.

"Aging Population, Health-Care Costs, and the National Debt"
published in the July-August 2013�issue, vol. 56 �of CHALLENGE magazine.

"THE KEYNES SOLUTION: THE PATH TO GLOBAL ECONOMIC PROSPERITY VIA A SERIOUS MONETARY THEORY"�paper presented to the University of Chicago Economics group, October 2012

IS RISK MANAGEMENT A SCIENCE?�(Presentation to�PRMIA [Professional Risk Managers International Association] in New York, May 15, 2012)

"Is Economics A Science? Should Economics Be Rigorous?"�published in the REAL WORLD ECONOMIC REVIEW, March 2012, issue #59.

"Black Swans and Knight's Epistemological Uncertainty: Are These Concepts Also Underlying Behavioral and post-Walrasian Theory?"�Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, vol. 32,� pp. 567-570.

"Making Dollars and Sense Out Of The U.S. Government Debt",�Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, vol. 32, Summer 2010.


"Alternative Explanations of the Operation of a Capitalist Economy:� Efficient Market Theory Vs. Keynes's Liquidity Theory."�Keynote address given to the Progressive Economic��Forum of the Canadian Economic Association, Toronto, Canada . May 2009.�

"Can Future Systemic Financial Risk Be Quantified? Ergodic Vs. Nonergodic Stochastic Processes"�in RGE Monitor -- Global Macro Economic Monitor, April 7, 2009.

"RISK AND UNCERTAINTY IN ECONOMICS"�Paper presented at the conference on “The Economic Recession and the State of Economics”, House of Lords, Westminster, London, February 6, 2009

"Reforming The World's International Money", paper presented at conference on "Financial Crisis, the US Economy, and International Security in The New Administration", New York, November 2008.�

"Evaluating Toxic Assests - And Where Do We Go Next?"
�this article appears on�� the RGE blog on Finance and Markets, October 4, 2008.�

"Crude Oil Prices: 'Market Fundamentals' or Speculation",�Challenge, vol. 51, No. 4, July/August 2008.

"Securitization, Liquidity, and Market Failure", CHALLENGE, vol. 51 Number 3, May/June 2008 issue.

"Is The Current Financial Distress Caused By The Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis A Minsky moment? Or Is It The Result of Attempting To Securitize Illiquid Non Commercial Mortgage Loans?",�Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 30, Summer 2008.

JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES (Palgrave/Macmilan Publishers, London and New York, 2007) --� book in� the "Great Thinkers in Economics" series being published by Palgrave.

"How To Solve The U.S. Housing Problem and Avoid A Recession: A Revived HOLC and FTC",�Schwartz Center For Economic Policy Analysis: Policy Note, January 2008.

"Are We Making Progess Towards A Civilized Society?", presented at conference on the future of liberalism, Harvard University, 2006; printed in Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, vol. 29, 2007.

"Keynes, Post Keynesian Analysis, and the Open Economies of the Twenty-first Century"�in Growth and Economic Development edited by P. Arestis, J. McCombie, and R. Vickerman (Elgar, 2006).

"Keynes and Money"�to be published in a book entitled A HANDBOOK OF ALTERNATIVE MONETARY ECONOMICS edited by P.Arestis and M. Sawyer (Elgar Publisher, Cheltenham, 2006).

"Can, Or Should, A Central Bank InFlation Target?"�in JOURNAL OF POST KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS, vol. 28, Summer 2006.

"Strong Uncertainty and How To Cope With It To Improve Action And Capacity"�the keynote address to the annual conference of European Association of Evolutionary Political Economists, Bremen, November 2005.

"Why Global Financial Markets can not be Efficient and the Role of the Speculator"

"The Effect of Ending Hostilities on Output and Employment"

"Galbraith and The Post Keynesians", paper read at a conference on Galbraith, Paris, September 2004; published in the JOURNAL OF POST KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS, Fall 2005.

"Is A Declining Dollar Good For The US Economy Or The Global Economy?"�paper given at Conference on Economic Development, Bilbao, Spain, July 2005.

"What is Post Keynesianism and Who Is A Post Keynedsian?"
�Responses to Lavoie, King and Dow: JOURNAL OF POST KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS, Spring 2005.

"The Post Keynesian School"
�in MODERN MACROECONOMICS� edited by B. H. Snowden and H. R. Vane (Elgar, Cheltenham, 2005).

"Debtor Nations Need A Financial System That Allows Them To Work Their Way To Prosperity"�THE GUARDIAN, December 1, 2003.

Setting the Record Straight on "A History of Post Keynesian Economics"��� Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 26, Winter 2003-4.

"The Future of the International Financial System",�� Paper presented at Conference on the Future of Economics at Cambridge University, September 18, 2003. Conference sponsored by the CAMBRIDGE JOURNAL OF� ECONOMICS.

"What is Wrong With the Washington Consensus and What Should We Do About It?"�Paper presented at conference on "Reforming the Reforms:� What Next for Latin America", Rio de Janeiro, July 25, 2003.

"Is 'Mathematical Science' An Oxymoron When Used to Describe Economics?", Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, Vol 25, No. 4, Summer 2003.

"Is Fixed Exchange Rates the Problem and Flexible Exchange Rates the Cure?,�Eastern Economic Journal, Vol. 29, Spring 2003. Financial Markets, Money and the Real World, Cheltenham, Elgar, 2002.

Dollarization, The Functions of a Central Bank and the Ecuadorean Economy, This paper presented at the 75th anniversary of the Central Bank of Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador, August 2002

Is a Plumber Or A Financial Architect Needed to End Global International Liquidity Problems?�This paper published in June 2000 issue of WORLD DEVELOPMENT as part of a symposium on the International Financial crisis. Other Contributors to the symposium are: Irma Adelman, Barry Eichengreen, Stanley Fischer, Joseph Stiglitz and James Tobin.

The Case for Regulating International Capital Flows, presenting at the Social Market Foundation Seminar on Regulation of Capital Movements, London, November 17, 1998.

Volatile Financial Markets and The Speculator, (Invited lecture to a plenary session of the Royal Economic Society).
Economics For A Civilized Society (Greg Davidson- Coauthor), London, Macmillan, 1996.

"Are Grains of Sand In The Wheels of International Finance Sufficient To Do The Job When Boulders Are Often Required?"�The Economic Journal (1997).

Post Keynesian Macroeconomic Theory: A Foundation For Successful Economic Policies For The Twenty-First Century, Cheltenham Elgar, 1994.

"Post Keynesian Employment Analysis And the Macroeconomics of OECD Unemployment,"�The Economic Journal, 1998.

"The General Theory in An Open Economy," A Second Edition of the General Theory, edited by G.C. Harcourt and P. Riach, London, Routledge, 1996.

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