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Undergraduate Advising Procedures

Economics Majors in the College of Arts and Sciences

When to be advised: Arts and Sciences economics majors are required to consult with an advisor for a substantial conference during a designated semester each year.

The Advising Session: Your economics faculty advisor will be most helpful in discussing economics and related coursework requirements, as well as how such courses relate to potential career paths. If you have curriculum problems (issues concerning basic Arts and Sciences graduation requirements, etc.), you should consult one of the following to resolve these questions prior to your appointment with your economics faculty advisor:


Step 1: Schedule an advising appointment: Contact Sherri Pinkston, 5th Floor Stokely Management Center, to set up an appointment by phone 974-3303 or email

Step 2: Obtain an up-to-date copy of your DARS report

Step 3: Bring your DARS report. You should be prepared to discuss the proposed course of study for the next semester as well as your educational objectives and career plan.

Step 4: Complete the Advising Process: At the end of the session, your advisor will clear the advising requirement.

More information on academic advising is available at:


Department of Economics ~ 507 Stokely Management Center ~ 916 Volunteer Boulevard ~ Knoxville, TN ~ 37996-0550
Phone: 865-974-3303 ~ Fax: 865-974-4601 ~ Email:

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