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“UT Economics Graduate new Research Fellow at Stanford Law School”

Recent UT Knoxville Economics undergraduate Adrianna Boghozian recently accepted a prestigious Research Fellow position at the Stanford Law School.� She will move from her current position in the Computational Earth Science Group within the Climate Change Science Institute or Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) over the summer and begin a one year renewable position in Palo Alto.�

Adrianna graduated from UT Knoxville in May 2013 with degrees in both Mathematics and Economics.� She graduated at the very top of her economics cohort.� During the last year of her undergraduate training and for the year since, she has been working at the intersection of economics and atmospheric Chemistry.� Her main project has been creating verification and validation software to help evaluate the Community Ice Sheet Model, a component of the Community Earth System Model, which measures changes in velocity and thickness of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets. adrianna

Although the Fellow position is housed in a Law School, there is a very strong economics component to it: the research topics are under the umbrella of socioeconomics, law, and policy. Topics administrative law, anti-discrimination law, courts, protective labor regulation, enforcement of workplace safety laws, legal history, civil rights, employment discrimination, crime and criminal justice, health policy and health care finance.  There is a strong computational, statistics and econometrics component to the Fellow position.�

“I'm extremely excited to apply the research and computer skills that I've gained while working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to the field of social science. Most notably, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to experience the excellent research community at Stanford University,” said Adrianna.� Prior Research Fellows have matriculated to Ph.D. programs at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and MIT, and law school at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Columbia.

Adrianna’s future goals include continuing her education with a graduate degree after her research at Stanford is complete. �Said Adrianna recently, “At the moment, the intersection of public health and climate change seems appealing, but I'm open to see how the research at Stanford will affect my future research plans.”

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